Fuji Apples on display

Apple Showdown: Cameo vs. Fuji vs. Macoun

Today our battle is between Cameo, Fuji, and Macoun apple varieties. You can probably track all three down at farmers markets and even grocery stores, so let’s get to profiling our contenders!



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Newtown Pippin

The Newtown Pippin: An Official Apple for New York City?

In 2009, Queens resident and “Greenest New Yorker” Erik Baard launched a campaign to give the Big Apple an official apple cultivar. His nomination? The Newtown Pippin, a small green apple that originated in 17th-century Queens. At its height it was grown by everyone from common farmers to founding fathers, but it’s taken a PR campaign to bring it back into the public eye. So what’s the story with this mysterious and unknown apple?

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