One Simple Cake Geometry Trick from an Oxford Chemist

Take a roomful of famous scientists, add the creator of molecular gastronomy, shake well, and out pops a book: But the Crackling is Superb, An Anthology on Food… read more →


Newtown Pippin

The Newtown Pippin: An Official Apple for New York City?

This post is a preview for November’s All-American Pies Masters of Social Gastronomy talk, where Soma and Sarah take a deep dive into the history and science of apple and… read more →

Root Beer

MSG Preview: Get a Taste of Sarsaparilla!

Sarsaparilla, besides being the most difficult-to-spell word in the English language, is a well-known drink of the Wild West. But did you know as it faded from view in our part of the world, it sprang up again in the Far East?

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MSG Presents: All-American Pies

Each month, Sarah and Soma take on a curious food topic and break down the history, science, and stories behind it. This November 19, Masters of Social… read more →