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January 29: Dry January: Alcohol-Free Drinks and the Temperance Movement

To celebrate the end of Dry January, MSG is covering the dream of an alcohol-free world!

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If a month without alcohol is hard, try 13 years! Sarah will delve into the history of the Temperance Movement, and its culmination in Prohibition. The butt of many a joke, was the Temperance Movement deserving of ridicule? Did Prohibition actually work? You’ll find out when Sarah tells all!

Soma will explore the constantly-expanding world of 0% beers and alcohol-free wines and spirits. How do you craft a liquor without the kick, or a beer without the booze? He’ll cover the science that makes them flourish (or fail!), and provide the taste test tips to make sure you’re picking the best of the bunch.

March 25: MSG’s Very Big Podcast Launch Show!

It’s finally the big day: MSG’s podcast with Caveat is LAUNCHING! Come join us for this celebration where Sarah and Soma will share some of the most popular stories from MSG’s past.

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What’s science without a little risk? Soma will revisit some of his favorite not-quite-fatal culinary science experiments, from “drywall tofu” to wintergreen flavoring made from of wart remover. You might have to wait until next month to hear about Mice Kingdom, though. Sarah will bust myths about our terribly-maligned namesake Monosodium Glutamate, then reveal the ancient history of our best NYC friends: bodega cats.

April 22: Bourbon Battles!

To celebrate the Kentucky Derby, this month’s MSG is dedicated to that all-American spirit: bourbon!

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During this all-out celebration of bourbon (and its friends whiskey, whisky, and scotch), Sarah will cover the Whiskey Rebellion and Brooklyn’s Whiskey Wars — two alcohol fueled feuds where the little guys took on big government. Then, she’ll explore the history behind the Mint Julep, the drink of the summer!

Soma will be unraveling the secrets of bourbon and moonshine, tracking how humble grains can be gently coaxed into True American Spirits. Myths will be dispelled! Learn how to skip Kentucky to open a bourbon distillery in Alaska and drink your fill of moonshine without going blind.

May 27: The Life and Times of Cheese!

This month’s MSG is tackling the age-old joy of cheese!

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In an all-singing, all-dancing cheese celebration, Sarah will investigate the oldest cheeses: both old cheese styles and physically old cheese. Then, she’s joined on stage by singer-songwriter Clare Burson, who will sing a song about her family’s 100+ year old cheese.

Soma will pull back the curtain on the “artisanal microbiology” that is the humble cheese wedge. See what our upstate cheddars have in common with the fiercest blue cheeses, and what in the world American cheese thinks it’s doing.

SPECIAL GUESTS Tux and Stephanie, hosts of the Beyond Reproach podcast will tell the story of the largest wheel of cheese ever created, made to honor Andrew Jackson.

June 24: New York City’s Favorite Foods

NYC is a food mecca with a unique history, so let’s tackle it: this month MSG will be covering New York City’s favorite foods!

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Pastrami on rye: more than just a beaut of a sandwich, it’s also a backdoor into a scientific world of meat pickling and grain secrets. Join Soma as he explores the ingredients that make up New York’s signature sandwich.

Sarah will cover the immigrant history of Bodegas, that most special center of NYC life, and focus on a few of their famous foods, including Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Roll and Black & White Cookies. SPECIAL GUEST Scott Weiner, the world’s foremost pizza expert and founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours, will be joining us for a Very Special Storytime. He’ll give you all the details on New York Style pizza (and where to get it)!

July 22: Fried Foods!

It’s State Fair Season, so let’s explore the barrage of fried foods at your disposal this summer.

Sarah will look at a world history of fried foods, seeking out the first examples of these crispy delights. Then she’ll expose the story of churros and their path from medieval Europe to Mexican treat to All-American favorite.

Soma will tackle the science behind deep-frying, and uncover why that big pot of oil beats out a stir-fry anytime. Later, we’ll use those skills to learn the secrets of succulent buffalo wings and the perfect Southern fried chicken, and how to coax a crispy coating from anything that meets the fryer.