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August 27: The Secret History of Sushi

Hosted at Caveat in the LES, tickets available here

Sarah will present a history of sushi in the United States, a bizarre story bathed in celebrity. It took a smash-hit TV mini-series to turn sushi into an everyday “American” food, and now American-style sushi is making splash overseas. Learn why we eat out sushi inside out, and the origins of perennial favorites the California and Philadelphia rolls.

Afterward, Soma will explore the science of sushi. Why is it okay to eat raw fish, and how does that stuff sitting in supermarket displays not send us all right to the emergency room? We’ll also take a peek at sushi rice, from crafting the perfect grain to the the carbohydrate secrets that make it so delightfully sticky.

April 30: The Secret History of Bodegas

Explore the history of bodegas and their connection to the origins of New York City itself. Hear how wave after wave of immigrants – Germans, Dominicans, Koreans, and more – each left their mark upon this New York institution. We’ll also be uncovering stories some of your favorite bodega products. What exactly is hiding in that Boar’s Head deli meat, and why is it the undisputed king of New York sandwiches?

And bodega cats. We’ll definitely be talking about bodega cats.

July 30: Ice Cream !

I scream, you scream, we all scream for us screaming about ice cream at Caveat. It’ll be approximately ten zillion degrees outside and we’ll all be dying and dying and dying and yearning for that sweet embrace of an icy, milky death.

August 27

Mark your calendars! Topic TBD, but it’s def going to be at Caveat.