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February 25: What Goes in, Must Come Out: The Secret Life of Your Gastrointestinal Intestinal Tract

What’s the story with your microbiome, all those little microbes living in your gut? Soma takes apart the science behind the ecology of our insides, including laying down the law about pro- and anti-biotics.

Sarah reveals what studying the mouth and teeth of our earliest human ancestors reveals about evolution, and what the discovery of the World’s Oldest Poop - officially known as “paleofeces” - tells us about the Neanderthal diet. Sneak peak: an authentic Paleo Diet includes cannibalism.

For Story Time, special guest sewage expert Kimberly Worsham will give us a run down on the long and fascinating history of toilets, from ancient Mesopotamia to today.

March 25: Burnin’ Down The Mouth! The Secrets of Spicy Foods

This month, MSG breaks into the secret world of hot peppers to pull back the curtain on everyone’s favorite Rooster-branded hot sauce and the worldwide affection for spicy, spicy food.

Follow America’s historical love of hot sauce to our present Sriracha obsession. We’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at its California factory and see how sriracha just might be as American as apple pie.

Once you escape the potatoes-and-cream tyranny of European cuisine, a culinary dedication to heat can be found everywhere. We’ll examine what makes Thai food tick and where Indian vindaloo gets its muscle. From mild jalapeños to record-holders like the Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, find out what makes a veggie pack such a powerful punch!

April 29: Diners, Diners and Diners!

This month, that all-American institution: THE DINER.

Together, we’ll uncover the history of the diner and its original definition of a diner and trace how it evolved to a requisite thousand-page menu. We’ll delve into in to the past, present and future of three iconic NYC diners close to Sarah’s heart: B&H Dairy, Veselka, and Nom Wah Tea Parlor. But don’t worry, non-native New Yorkers - we’ll be hitting Wattle House, Denny’s, and Skyline Chili. Join us for our all-American diner tour!

June 24: The Secrets of FAKE MEAT!

Up this month: MEAT ANALOGS!

Sarah Lohman will give you a run-down of vegetarianism in the west. From Benjamin Franklin’s ”Tow-fu” to Dr. Kellogg’s commercial “Protose,” we’ll explore just how long we’ve been eating things that masquerade as meat.

Soma will be taking charge of all your favorite modern imitation meats, exploring the many faces of soy and revealing the not-so-secret fungi factories that power your favorite frauds. Does the Impossible Burger live up to its name? Let’s find out together!