Past Events

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Date Location Topic
January 28, 2019 Caveat Romance and Revenge: The History of Aphrodisiacs and Poisons
August 27, 2018 Caveat The Secret History of Sushi
July 30, 2018 Caveat The Secret History of Bodegas
May 7, 2018 Kings County Distillery Illicit Substances
May 8, 2018 Institute of Culinary Education Strange Meat
April 30, 2018 Caveat Ice Cream
January 29, 2018 Kings County Distillery Hometown Booze
October 25, 2017 Kings County Distillery A History of Drunkenness
September 12, 2017 Institute of Culinary Education Garlic Mania
August 11, 2017 City Winery A History of Wine
May 23, 2017 Industry City Distillery The History of Cocktails
August 29, 2016 Institute of Culinary Education The Story of Sourdough: Starters to Science
March 29, 2016 Institute of Culinary Education Fried Foods
July, 2016 Old Stone House Barbecue
March, 2016 Littlefield Fried Foods
January, 2016 Museum of Food and Drink Artificial and Natural Flavors
October, 2015 Littlefield Foods that Go Bump in the Night
July, 2015 Brooklyn Botanic Garden Floral Flavors
February, 2015 Littlefield The World’s Strangest Foods
January, 2015 Littlefield Aphrodisiacs
November, 2014 Littlefield Pie
August, 2014 Littlefield Soda
May, 2014 Littlefield Food of the High Seas
April, 2014 Littlefield Ice Cream
March, 2014 Littlefield Chocolate
February, 2014 Littlefield Hot Peppers and Spicy Food
January, 2014 Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club Food of the High Seas (cancelled)
November, 2013 Brooklyn Kitchen Thanksgiving
September, 2013 Brooklyn Kitchen Barbecue
August, 2013 Brooklyn Kitchen Chinese Takeout
July, 2013 Brooklyn Kitchen Cocktails
May, 2013 Googa Mooga Future of Food
April, 2013 Public Assembly Sugar
March, 2013 Public Assembly Illicit Substances
February, 2013 Public Assembly Sandwiches
January, 2013 Public Assembly Monosodium Glutamate
November, 2012 Public Assembly Dieting
October, 2012 Public Assembly Taboo Foods
September, 2012 Public Assembly Preservatives and Convenience Foods
August, 2012 Public Assembly Booze
July, 2012 Public Assembly Ice Cream
June, 2012 Public Assembly Gelatin